The sweet, woody, earthly and reviving fragrance of this natural oil instills confidence and kindles the aura of human body. Vetiver oil has been used in traditional medicine in South Asia, Southeast Asia and West Africa for thousands of years. It’s native to India, and both its leaves and roots have wonderful uses. Vetiver is known as a sacred herb valued because of its uplifting, soothing, healing and protective properties. It’s a natural body cooler — making it extremely popular in tropical countries. In fact, in India and Sri Lanka it’s known as the “oil of tranquility.”

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Vetiver Aromatherapy

“The sweet, woody, earthly and reviving fragrance of this natural oil instills confidence and kindles the aura of human body by transforming the aura of nature flawlessly, where aura is the uniqueness or radiation of every substance in the cosmos.”

Botanical name: Vetivera Zinanoides

Origin: South India

Source: Roots

Vetiver (botanical name Chrysopogon zizanioides) is a grass plant belonging to the family of plants that also includes fragrant grasses, such as Palmarosa and lemongrass, and grows up to two meters in height and its roots grow descending up to anything between two and four meters in depth. Vetiver is indigenous to India, but, owing to the remedial benefits offered by this plant, it is now grown in different regions across the globe. This grass plant yields an essential oil that possesses a number of therapeutic properties.

Vetiver is a holy herb that has its name etched in the oldest sacred book of Hindus known as Bhagavad Gita where Lord Krishna says, “I am the fragrance of the soil“. This reminds us about the universal truth that the Creator is present in all creatures born on the planet Earth and is nurtured by the rich flavors of Mother Nature. Vetiver is an aromatic grass that grows up to a height of six feet and the essential oil of Vetiver is extracted from the roots of this mythological herb.

In order to acquire this essential oil, the roots of vetiver have to undergo a process called steam distillation. The process employed to obtain this essential oil is not only fairly time consuming, but also involves an arduous effort. In effect, the roots of vetiver are especially harvested to obtain the essential oil. Generally, the vetiver roots are cultivated for a period of two years and, subsequently, used to extract this essential oil. When the roots have grown large enough, they are sent for processing, which comprises rinsing, drying, slicing and steeping.



The vetiver essential oil is a thick liquid having the consistency of syrup and has a dark brown hue. In fact, vetiver is a very ordinary and unassuming plant that possesses one of the richest striking intricate fragrances. The aroma is basic, sweet, forested, profound, and mystifying as well as reminds one of the moist forest floor as well as damp soil. This essential oil is calm, spicy, smooth and persistent.

In India, vetiver essential oil is also called the ‘Oil of Tranquility’ owing to its tranquilizing properties. People suffering from conditions like anxiety, depression, emotional disturbances and nervous irritation, may find this essential oil beneficial for their conditions. Findings of several researches have shown that vetiver essential oil also works as a perfect tonic or stimulant for the nervous system, because it aids in sustaining the good health of the nerves. This oil also has the aptitude to heal injuries caused to the nerves owing to stress, fear, shock and other such factors.

It has also been found that this essential oil acts to augment sexual craving or libido and generates arousals. This is primarily owing to the fact that sexual craving has more to do with psychology compared to physiology and, therefore, conditions like absence of libido or desire for sexual activities, impotence and frigidity are regulated by the brain. The components of vetiver essential oil invigorate that particular segment of the brain and work in the form of a medication for treating frigidity. Oriental perfumes extensively use vetiver essential oil. It is also used as a wonderful base note and fixative in other perfumes. The aroma of this oil is so potent and intense that only a little amount of it is required in formulating a perfume.



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linaloe berry









Although vetiver essential oil possesses several therapeutic properties and is used as a remedy for numerous conditions, it is advisable that prior to starting the use of this oil, you should talk to a specialist on the use of essential oils. It may be noted that the use of this oil for infants and toddlers is not recommended.

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