Sweet orange oil with its inspiring, encouraging, stimulating and versatile aroma grants a sense of support, warmth and happiness. Sweet orange is effective in reducing anxiety and stress levels in human beings. It possesses a citrus-like and cheerful aroma that is extremely helpful in uplifting or inspiring the emotions as well as the mind.

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Orange Aromatherapy

“Being fit as a fiddle is the dream of every one of us in this wobbly world where perfect health looks like a forbidden fruit to humanity”

Botanical name: Citrus sinensis

Origin: Brazil

Source: Peel

Colors for the sense of sight, sound for the sense of hearing, aroma for the sense of smell, massage and topical application for the sense of touch and herbal remedies for the sense of taste. And now, here’s the key for opening your door to perfect health, yes you are right and the key is Orange and its essential oil. With an appeasing orange color it instills peace, happiness and spiritual wisdom, the tangy and mesmerizing aroma calms your senses and soothes your nerves, the therapeutic properties ease numerous functions of the body when massaged gently and its numerous medicinal benefits strengthen your aura when ingested in the form of juices.

It is native to China and is scientifically known as Citrus sinensis. The first literary presence of orange dates back to 500 BC in the book ‘Yu Kung’ written under the reign of the Chinese Emperor Ta Yun. The ancient Chinese considered Orange as a symbol of good luck and used it for treating numerous health problems, whereas the Europeans regarded it as a sign of richness. Sweet oranges were celebrated as a Qi-tonic (tonic for the aura or the life force) to eliminate obstacles in the energy meridians. Vasco da Gama was the first person to bring Sweet Oranges to Europe when he discovered it in the 15th century in East Africa, which was considered as the Arabian trade routes. It gained greater reputation in Portugal and was called as ‘Portugal Orange’. Few sources say that Columbus took the seeds of Citrus sinensis to America in 1493 and it slowly spread across California, Florida and Louisiana by the middle of the 18th century. Sweet orange and its oil has been in use in a number traditional cuisines. Sweet orange essential oil is used in a variety of foods to add essence. It may be added to foodstuff, such as chocolates, biscuits, beverages, desserts, sweets as well as bakery items or confectioneries. The industrial uses of sweet orange essential oil include its addition in the manufacture of body lotions, soaps, face creams, deodorants, room sprays or air fresheners.

The essential oil of Sweet orange is extracted by cold pressing the rinds of this fruit that instills a fresh and strong aroma. According to the Gas chromatography report, Orange sweet oil constitutes of Limonene as the key component with about 97.2%, contributing to its distinctive fragrance, remedial properties and quality. Known as a skin tonic, this oil stimulates the lymphatic system and aids in eliminating the toxins of the congested skin surface. As a natural skin energizer, Orange sweet oil penetrates deeply into the pores and supports the formation of collagen in the skin. This helps in augmenting the elasticity of the skin, reduces wrinkles, removes excess oil, improves skin complexion and grants a never before brighter, fairer, spotless, healthy and glowing skin. Adding 2 drops of Orange sweet oil in lukewarm bathing water or in facial steam helps in refreshing and revitalizing your skin and aids in fighting the symptoms of aging.

Sweet orange oil with its inspiring, encouraging, stimulating and versatile aroma grants a sense of support, warmth and happiness. With this motive, Orange oil is recommended for use in the bedroom to treat sleeping problems, loss of interest in sex, mental worries and for assisting stubborn children to fall asleep. A 2012 study on ‘Effect of Sweet Orange Aroma on Experimental Anxiety in Humans’ presented results stating “an acute anxiolytic activity of sweet orange aroma, giving some scientific support to its use as a tranquilizer by aromatherapists.” This proves that the aroma of Sweet orange is effective in reducing anxiety and stress levels in human beings.

Sweet orange essential oil possesses a citrus-like and cheerful aroma that is extremely helpful in uplifting or inspiring the emotions as well as the mind. This natural oil extracted from the peel of the sweet orange fruit is especially beneficial during the harsh winter months. Use of sweet orange essential oil facilitates in sorting out as well as liberating our deep emotional concerns. Unlike many other essential oils, the oil of sweet orange is very inexpensive and one can afford to use it generously in the home.

This essential oil is also stomachic, which denotes that it is good for everything concerning the stomach. As far as the digestive system is concerned, sweet orange essential oil is effective in treating constipation and dyspepsia (indigestion). In addition, this natural citrus oil also helps in alleviating nervousness, anxiety and stress. D-limonene is an important element or chemical found in sweet orange essential oil and it is known to be a highly effective insect repellent. You may spray this oil or wipe it on places from where insects may be invading your home.

Sweet orange essential oil easily blends with several other oils creating a wonderful and effective amalgamation having a sweet citrus tone. This essential oil especially blends well with spice oils like clove. The blend of sweet orange essential oil and clove oil is very alluring and effective during the cooler months as it provides pleasant warmth to the body and the mind. In addition, this citrus oil also mixes wonderfully with other essential oils, such as lavender, frankincense and peppermint. When blended with lavender, sweet orange essential oil offers a pleasant and relaxing fragrance, while its mixture with frankincense essential oil has a slight citrus tone. Togheter with peppermint you’ll experience a happy uplifting aroma.



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Sweet orange essential oil extracted by distilling the peel of the sweet orange tree should be used for therapeutic purposes with caution and only after consulting a medical professional familiar with the use of essential oils. When applying this oil topically on the skin, one should refrain from exposure to sunlight, since a few varieties of this natural oil may result in making the skin photosensitive. As in the case of any other genuine essential oils, ensure that children do not have access to sweet orange essential oil and use it on their own. Often allowing children to use pure essential oils may prove to be detrimental for their health simply owing to the fact that they may become over enthusiastic and use these oils in excessive amounts. Remember, when you are using any essential oil in its pure form, the lesser used is better for health.

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