Known for being cleansing, refreshing and invigorating, pine oil has a strong, dry, woodsy smell — some even say it resembles the scent of forests and balsamic vinegar.

With a long and interesting history that stems back to use in ancient Greek civilizations, including by Hippocrates himself, pine oil is an age-old therapeutic method for cleansing, reducing pain, increasing energy and relieving stress.

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Pine Aromatherapy

“The world’s largest production of any one essential oil is Pine.  It is known to be a stimulant, helping people to be comfortable with any situation. Pine oil has such a great honor as it can garland anybody with the bliss and blessedness of the Christmas occasion at any given time with its instilling aroma.”

Botanical name: Pinus sylvestris

Origin: Hungary

Source: twigs

According to many the pine plant has its origin in Austria and Russia, from where it spread to various regions of the globe. As the pine tree possesses the aptitude to endure extreme cold as well as comparatively arid conditions, it can grow well and thrive in various different regions.

Ancient Greek philosopher and physician Hippocrates is known to have employed pine for treating health conditions related to the pulmonary system, while Pliny advised people enduring respiratory problems to use pine essential oil. In early days, Native Americans employed pine trees in various ways. For instance, they chewed the pine needles with a view to protect them against scurvy. They also stuffed their mattresses with pine needles, which are loaded with oil, to ward off fleas and lice. In addition, the pine needles are a very effective remedy for hunters, as they enclose plenty of vitamin C. Usually, hunters lack this vitamin when they are on their job. Hippocrates, the father of Western medicine used Pine in the treatment of pulmonary conditions and established its healing effects on the respiratory system. Pine oil was recommended by the ancient physician Pliny for treating respiratory and lung problems.

Pine is an evergreen tree that can often grow up to a height of 40 meters (130 feet). The crown of this tree is flat, while its bark is reddish-brown with deep fissures. The leaves are grey-green and bear resemblance to needles, while the flowers are orange-yellow and they develop into pointed brownish cones. Generally, pine essential oil is extracted by employing a process known as steam distillation. Usually, the pine needles and fresh, tender twigs of the tree are used to obtain this oil. Sometimes, many essential oil manufacturers also use pine cones to obtain the oil. As pine trees are found in abundance, this essential oil is relatively less expensive compared to many other essential oils. In addition, this oil is also easily available.



According to the Gas chromatography report, Pine Scotch oil constitutes of 15 chemical components that contribute to its fragrance, therapeutic attributes, consistency and quality of this oil. Of which, alpha-Pinene contributes to the highest proportion of Pine Scotch oil constituents with about 34.7% of its total composition.

Pine essential oil is believed to possess analgesic attributes and is an effective remedy for people enduring arthritis, joint pain, and rheumatic conditions. In addition to being an effective analgesic, pine oil also possesses anti-inflammatory attributes. Therefore, it works to diminish the redness and swelling at the affected body areas, thereby alleviating pain. You only need to apply some pine oil topically onto the affected areas to get rid of swelling, inflammation as well as the accompanying pain.

Apart from providing us with several physical health benefits, pine essential oil also offers a number of emotional benefits. Use of this oil helps to create rejuvenated feeling and, at the same time, is effective in alleviating mental tension caused by various issues. Therapeutically, pine essential oil is also employed to eliminate adrenal fatigue, thereby rejuvenating one’s spirits. This is primarily because this oil is a very effective mood elevator. Using pine essential oil regularly for massages can offer the user mental clarity and, at the same time get rid of nervous tension and anxiety. It has been found that pine essential oil is very beneficial for people enduring weak concentration as well as memory loss. While further research is required in this area, people in several cultures have been traditionally using pine essential oil for this purpose.

The antioxidant properties of pine essential oil also help it to counteract the detrimental free radicals and, at the same time, has a positive effect on the health of our eyes. Free radicals are responsible for some of the serious health conditions related to our eyes, such as cataracts. Free radicals actually harm or cause degeneration of the cells in the eyes. In fact, use of pine essential oil has been associated with improving eye sight as well as protecting our eyes from the normal age related problems.



General properties

adrenal cortex stimulant
















stimulant to the circulation and nervous system

Blends well with







General uses




athletes’ foot



common cold and flu







fungal infections



joint pains

macular degeneration

memory loss



muscular aches and pains

nervous tension



rheumatic conditions

sinus infections


sports injuries


urinary tract infections

weakened concentration



Notwithstanding its health benefits, pine essential oil should always be used cautiously, as this is very potent oil. If this oil is used undiluted with other suitable carrier oils, it may result in skin and mucous membrane irritation. Using this oil internally, precisely speaking, orally, may cause health hazards in humans. Although pine essential oil offers several health benefits, it can prove to be dangerous when consumed or used internally. This oil is so potent that it can result in kidney damage.


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