Myrrh is most commonly known as one of the gifts (along with gold and frankincense) the three wise men brought to Jesus in the New Testament. In fact, it was actually mentioned in the Bible 152 times! Myrrh was an important herb of the Bible, as it was used as a spice, a natural remedy and to purify the dead.

Myrrh oil is still commonly used today as a remedy for a variety of ailments. Researchers have become interested in myrrh due to its potent antioxidant activity and potential as a cancer treatment. It has also been shown to be effective in fighting certain types of parasitic infections.

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“Crowned as one among the first and best gifts to baby Jesus by the Biblical Magi, Myrrh is asserted as a panacea for many diseases and is a symbol of wishing good health and happiness.”

Botanical name: Commiphora myrrha

Origin: Somalia

Source: Resin

This sacred herb has its name engraved in almost all the major religious practices of healing and has been in use throughout history as a promising medicine, renowned perfume and sanctified incense. Myrrh is indigenous to Somalia, Yemen, Ethiopia and Eritrea. The word ‘Myrrh’ is derived from the Aramaic word murr, meaning ‘was bitter’.

Ayurveda accentuates Myrrh as a trusted remedy for treating arthritis, dysmennorhea, anemia, menopausal problems, bronchitis, asthma, obesity, mouth ulcers, digestive problems, gum diseases, cough and rheumatism.

Myrrh was held high in the Traditional Chinese Medicine as a special herb with ‘blood-moving’ powers to eliminate stagnant blood from the uterus and is also effective on spleen meridians, liver and heart. It is for this reason, Myrrh has been used in the treatment of uterine tumors, menopause, amenorrhea, rheumatic problems, dysmennorhea, arthritis and other circulatory problems.

It is said that the Greek soldiers took Myrrh with them to the battlefield for cleansing and healing their wounds, as this herb has anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties. It was used by the ancient Egyptians for treating hay fever, herpes and also in fumigations and embalming. This herb is used in folklore medicine in making rheumatic plasters and for treating muscular pains. Tibetans trust the magical powers of Myrrh to assuage stress and certain other nervous disorders.


For several years now, myrrh oil has been used to enhance the immune system as well as protect against and treat respiratory ailments, such as flu, colds, bronchitis and other diseases. It is said that myrrh essential oil may be used to effectively treat any hormonal imbalance and, therefore, this oil produces astonishing results when women use it to alleviate their problems like getting relief from cramps and menstrual pains, alleviating symptoms of PMS and other related conditions. Myrrh essential oil is also beneficial for our health as it works as a detoxifying agent by facilitating the removal of wastes and toxins from our system.

Generally, myrrh essential oil is widely used in aromatherapy owing to its properties that uplift or inspire the spiritual feelings and also bring clarity of thoughts. It is said that the use of myrrh essential oil helps in opening the mind to spirituality. This essential oil has the aptitude to soothe the central nervous system as well as induce peace and harmony. In addition, when myrrh essential oil is used especially as a scent, or for inhaling, it helps to alleviate depression and, at the same time, has a sedative effect. The aroma of myrrh essential oil is pleasant and brings in a soothing effect. This is the primary reason why it is often used to manufacture perfumes, cosmetics, fragrant soaps and detergents.


General properties





Blends well with



General uses


athlete’s foot



chapped and cracked skin

coughs and colds





gum infection



loss of voice

mouth / tongue inflammation


skin problems



wounds and sores

wrinkles and aging skin


The health benefits provided by myrrh essential oil notwithstanding, certain precautions need to be adopted while using this oil. Especially, this essential oil should not be used by pregnant women as it may cause forced abortion. Although this essential oil is usually applied externally, it has the aptitude to result in skin problems in people having sensitive skins. In addition, using myrrh essential oil in excess can also cause harmful effects on the heart rate.

It is important to note that if this essential oil is taken internally it may result in changes in the glucose level in blood and, thereby, impede the treatment for diabetes. You should never take unadulterated myrrh essential oil internally, but always water it down before use. Generally, all essential oils are available in highly concentrated forms and, hence, using them without dilution may result to grave after-effects. If you are applying any essential oil on your skin, remember to dilute it by adding suitable carrier oils before use.

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