Cinnamon Bark


The essential oil obtained from cinnamon bark stimulates the body as well as the mind. This essential oil functions as an erotic substance and its use is said to enhance sexual desire in men and women. In addition, the cinnamon essential oil  found to be effective in treating depression.

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“Cinnamon is a symbol of sovereignty and respect and was a prestigious gift to Gods and Monarchs in the history.”

Botanical name: Cinnamomum zeylanicum

Origin: Sri Lanka

Source: Bark

The warm and spicy aroma of cinnamon is often associated with the holiday season. Once thought to be more valuable than gold, this highly versatile essential oil also offers a variety of health benefits. Cinnamon essential oil contains a number of compounds thought to influence health. These compounds include cinnamaldehyde, which has been found to reduce inflammation and act as an antimicrobial. Cinnamon essential oil is touted as a natural remedy for health concerns ranging from cough and colds to constipation. This oil boasts amazing purification benefits and can help the body fight off infection and inflammation, improving the condition of bones and joints, stimulate circulation, reduce stress, relieve pain, improve digestion and protect against insects. It is also claimed to be an aphrodisiac.

The essential oil obtained from cinnamon bark stimulates the body as well as the mind. This essential oil functions as an erotic substance and its use is said to enhance sexual desire in men and women. In addition, the cinnamon essential oil  found to be effective in treating depression. Several researches have confirmed that merely having the scent of cinnamon essential oil in a room diminishes lethargy, petulance, pain and regular headaches. According to the findings of one research, use of cinnamon essential oil assisted the participants to focus on their job and produce a superior result while doing mental work.

Several researches have demonstrated that it is impossible for any virus, bacteria and fungus to survive when there is cinnamon essential oil in the vicinity. The essential oil obtained from cinnamon bark is used in aromatherapy for its potent antiseptic properties that help to eliminate all infections caused by bacteria and fungus. One can keep the air fresh as well as bugs-free by using cinnamon essential oil and, thereby, prevent infections from spreading. Practically, every person gets pleasure from using cinnamon essential oil for its balmy and spicy odor as well as the tremendous ability of the oil to prevent and also mitigate the symptoms of flu and cold.

Cinnamon essential oil is know to possess properties that promote the circulatory, lymphatic and immune systems and, hence, it is effective in alleviating muscular pains and stiff joints. You may use cinnamon essential oil during the winter months to keep you warm. In case you are feeling extremely cold, such as chilled inside your bones, you may inhale the aroma of cinnamon leaf, as this will surely restore your energy and good spirits. When you are using cinnamon leaf for ‘brain fog’ (a state of mental confusion, detachment and forgetfulness) as well as to ease the winter blahs, it will prove to be ideal to enthuse your mind and feelings as well as drive away any feeling of being alone or depression. Use the cinnamon leaves in an aroma diffuser to take pleasure from their aroma that is warming as well as elevating.



Cinnamon possesses the aptitude to enhance the activity of the brain when it is ingested or merely inhaled by people. Findings of several researches have established that cinnamon is also effective in diminishing nervous anxiety as well as enhance memory or the ability to recollect. Another study has found that ingestion or inhaling cinnamon facilitates concentration and expedites an individual’s visual response. In fact, since ages, herbalists have been using cinnamon effectively to treat a number of conditions. This wonderful herb has the potential/ aptitude to disinfect blood, enhance the blood circulation, cure viral, fungal and bacterial infections, stop hemorrhage, alleviate pain, save from any harm caused by heart ailments, improve the respiratory and digestive processes, regulate the blood sugar levels, augment the working as well as the physical condition of the colon, ease menstrual problems and also increase the production of breast milk.

Cinnamon essential oil has a deep color and the aroma of the essential oil obtained from cinnamon tree leaves or bark can be best expressed as a balmy, sweet, zesty, pungent and woody smell. In general, cinnamon essential oil has a strong or potent aroma.

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stomach acid


circulatory disorders






flu and colds





loss of appetite

low blood pressure


poor memory



sore throats


While the essential oil obtained from cinnamon possesses several therapeutic properties and is especially useful in aromatherapy, it needs to be used with caution. Using cinnamon essential oil may cause toxicity and hence, it should strictly be used under the guidance of a qualified medical practitioner. This essential oil should never be used during pregnancy as it may harm the fetus. In addition, cinnamon essential oils should never be used with chemotherapy treatment for cancer since it may cause toxicity.

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