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In terms of essential oils, litsea is the gift that keeps on giving – it can be used for everything from cooking to skin care and is a great oil to start with if you’re new to the field.
Litsea cubeba is a Chinese wonder herb conferred to the medicinal world. Used as a promising anti-depressant for more than thousands of years in the Asian subcontinent and is remembered to treat anxiety, fear, fatigue, excessive perspiration, pain and stress.

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“May Chang or Litsea Cubeba is a Chinese wonder herb conferred to the medicinal world.”

Botanical name: Litsea Cubeba

Origin: China

Source: Fruit

Used as a promising anti-depressant for more than thousands of years in the Asian subcontinent, May Chang is remembered to treat anxiety, fear, fatigue, excessive perspiration, pain and stress.

This is mainly due to the uplifting, regenerating, energizing and refreshing aroma of its lemony essential oil extracted from the pepper-like berries of this evergreen shrub. The Traditional Chinese Medicine embraces a long history of May Chang where this mesmerizing herb has been used for treating asthma, acne, eczema, dermatitis, indigestion and microbial infections.

Historical importance of May Chang:

Botanically known as Litsea cubeba, this herb is popularly known as May Chang. It also called by other names like Mountain pepper, Chinese pepper, mountain spice tree, tropical verbena and exotic verbena. Native to China, Indonesia and Japan, Litsea cubeba is also grown widely in India, Sumatra, Kalimantan and Java.

Lovingly called as maqaw by the Atayal aborigines in Taiwan, May Chang has been used as a renowned spice by the aborigines of Taiwan.

Health Benefits of May Chang:

1. Cures problems with digestion:

With the strong citrus aroma and warming stomachic properties, Litsea essential oil increases pitta energy, which governs the process of digestion, thinking and body temperature. This herb and its essential oil augment the digestive fire and enhance the appetite, treat indigestion and flatulence.

It prevents the formation of gas in the stomach and intestines. To support the process of digestion, blend 3 drops of May Chang oil with 15 drops of sesame oil and massage your abdomen or add 2 drops of this oil to warm bathing water.

2. Pampers your skin health:

‘A thing of beauty is a joy forever’ and when it comes to the beauty of human beings, skin plays the prime role in determining one’s external beauty. May Chang oil has everything that is essential to maintain a healthy looking skin from within.

Massaging your skin with 2 drops of May Chang oil mixed with 10 to 15 drops of coconut oil can work wonders on your greasy, oily and infection prone skin. This massage enhances blood circulation and controls the secretion of sebum.

3. Stimulates your mind:

May Chang essential oil has an exuberant aroma that is flowery and lemony in nature. It is for this purpose May Chang herb and its oil has been used in making perfumes, soaps and other cosmetic products.

Inhaling the magical aroma of this oil uplifts your mood, augments mental alertness, refreshes your mind, influences new ideas for life, pacifies your depressed mind and grants you a sense of freedom and confidence. Kurt Schnaubelt says that May Chang oil is used for calming the mind and senses.  Adding 2 drops of this oil to vaporizer, diffuser or burner aids in treating your mental worries and give a new lease of life to your world around.

4. Kills insects and keeps your home fresh and clean:

May Chang oil is the ideal fragrant way to keep away from insects and stay refreshed and ready to be picked up all through the day. You can add 2 drops of this oil in your regular insect repellant preparations or outdoor candles to keep your family protected from bugs, flies, mosquitoes and other insects and to give a clean n fresh feeling to your home. You can also add few drops of this oil in your shampoo, bathing water, body wash or skin care cream to stay protected in an insect-free environment.

Safety and Precautions

May Chang essential oil can be used both topically and aromatically to treat a wide variety of ailments. It should not be used internally. When using topically, be sure to conduct a patch skin test before use and mix with a carrier oil before applying directly to the skin.

If pregnant or breastfeeding, avoid the use of essential oils unless directed by a doctor. You should not use May Chang essential oil to treat a chronic condition before speaking with a medical professional. When stored correctly in a cool, dark place, May Chang essential oil will last for approximately three years.


May Chang essential oil may not be the most well known essential oil in the aromatherapy world, yet its healing powers should not be overlooked. It has been a powerful healing plant throughout history. Moreover, it can be used in a wide variety of natural medicines, cleaning products, and beauty products to promote overall health and wellbeing.

Whether you’re looking to treat infections, ease the mind, or reduce digestive or respiratory issues, May Chang will not disappoint.

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