Using marjoram essential oil brings about a warming effect and, at the same time, cools down the sensations. In addition, this oil provides relief from nervous anxiety and tension. It is very useful for people who are hyperactive, as it helps in quieting their sensations.

Same as many of the spice oils and herbs that provides warming effect it helps in stimulation of sleep and relaxation. We provide certified Marjoram Essential Oil that a tremendous healer of stress. It also fights insomnia, headaches, or any type of digestive issues.

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“Oh! My! My! Marjoram is addressed as the herb of eternal love and joy of the mountain. As the most loved herb by Aphrodite, the Goddess of love and beauty, the leaves of Marjoram were sanctified for surmounting marital bliss and everlasting love. The spicy, rich, sweet, soothing and tantalizing aroma of this oil will leave you relaxed, energized and absolutely rejuvenated.”

Botanical name: Origanum majorana

Origin: Egypt

Source: Flowers and leaves

In ancient times, the Greeks and Romans considered the herb as a symbol of happiness. This herb possesses a warm, woody, spicy and camphor-like scent with an herbaceous connotation. The aromatic leaves of the plant are used to prepare an essential oil whose chemical elements include camphor, pinene, origanol, sabinene, and borneol

Marjoram has been an interesting part of wedding rituals, where the Newly-wed couples wear Marjoram wreaths as a sign of beginning their magical love life. Marjoram teas and infusions are extremely famous for their power in relieving headache, sinusitis, flatulence, hay fever and menstrual discomforts. It is an ancient belief that if a Marjoram plant grows on a grave, then the deceased person has attained perpetual happiness in the world after.

Apart from being used in culinary, marjoram also possesses numerous therapeutic properties and is often used in aromatherapy. Using marjoram essential oil brings about a warming effect and, at the same time, cools down the sensations. In addition, this oil provides relief from nervous anxiety and tension. It is very useful for people who are hyperactive, as it helps in quieting their sensations. Marjoram essential oil also possesses excellent analgesic and muscle relaxant properties and is, therefore, very helpful for people suffering from rheumatism. This oil also alleviates pains due to twists, strains and convulsions. Moreover, marjoram essential oil is also useful in treating swollen joints and throbbing muscles.

As mentioned before, marjoram essential oil possesses numerous therapeutic properties. Below, find brief description of the condition specific uses of this natural oil. Hopefully, some of them may interest you and be useful for you.

  • Marjoram essential oil is extremely effective in healing almost all types of spasms and problems associated with the conditions. It is useful in providing relief from respiratory system spasms, cramps in the intestinal muscles as well as spasms of the muscles of the limbs.
  • The analgesic properties of marjoram essential oil helps to lessen pain associated with conditions, such as fever, cold, inflammation, toothache, exertion of muscles etc. Unlike the chemical or synthetically manufactured analgesic medications, marjoram essential oil does not result in any adverse after-effects. This is said to be one of the major reasons for recommending the use of this natural oil for alleviating pain.
  • Marjoram essential oil possesses potent antiseptic properties and this attribute of the oil makes it an effective medication for application on internal as well as external wounds. In addition, the antiseptic properties of this oil make it an important element in numerous lotions and creams that are used for antiseptic purposes. Applying marjoram essential oil helps to protect the wounds from becoming septic.
  • Marjoram essential oil also possesses anti-bacterial properties and, hence, it has the aptitude to protect one from conditions, such as bacterial infections in the colon, urinary tract, digestive system as well as other parts of the excretory system, including the skin. Using this oil also helps to protect from food poisoning, malaria, typhoid and colic.
  • Marjoram essential oil is just the reverse of being an aphrodisiac and is known to inhibit sexual desires and activities. Precisely speaking, use of this natural oil extracted from the flowering tops and aromatic leaves of the sweet marjoram herb actually facilitates suppressing or controlling the desire for sexual activities. This attribute of marjoram essential oil is especially useful for people who are enduring anomalous as well as intense sexual urges.
  • Marjoram essential oil is highly beneficial for the brain. Regular usage of this natural oil helps to keep the brain in a healthy condition and does not allow it to become dull with advancing age.
  • The ability of marjoram essential oil to lower blood pressure is an important attribute of this natural oil and may be a blessing for people who are faced with the risks of heart attacks and/or brain hemorrhage owing to hypertension or high blood pressure. Marjoram essential oil works by widening as well as relaxing the blood vessels which, in turn, eases the blood flow through them lowering the blood pressure.

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nervous tension


premenstrual tension



stomach pains


Although marjoram essential oil possesses numerous therapeutic properties and it is generally known to be ‘comforting’ oil, certain precautions needs to be exercised while using this natural oil. Marjoram essential oil should never be used during the initial six months of pregnancy. In addition, this oil should also not be used on young and/or sensitive people for it may result in adverse after effects. As is the case with all other essential oils, consult a physician before using marjoram essential oil for any therapeutic purpose. Before beginning to use marjoram essential oil on a regular basis, it is advisable to use a small amount of the oil to test whether it causes sensitivity or results in any allergic reaction.

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