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Bali Sunrise Essential Oil is a vibrant and energizing blend that captures the essence of a tropical paradise at dawn. The aroma is a citrusy and floral burst of orange and lemon, balanced with the warmth and spice of ginger. The addition of rose and ylang ylang essential oils lend a sweet and exotic note, creating a perfect balance of uplifting and calming scents.

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-10ml roller bottle

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The bright and refreshing citrus oils of orange and lemon awaken the senses and invigorate the mind, while ginger provides a grounding effect, promoting focus and clarity. The floral notes of rose and ylang ylang help to reduce stress and anxiety, promoting feelings of relaxation and tranquility.

This delightful blend of essential oils is perfect for diffusing in the morning to start the day off on a positive note or in the evening to unwind and destress. Whether you’re looking to uplift your mood or simply enjoy the tropical aroma of Bali Sunrise, this essential oil is a wonderful addition to any aromatherapy routine.


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10 ml dropper bottle, 10 ml roller bottle

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  1. Alexandra

    Beautiful sunrise blend… I love doing yoga in the morning with this uplifting blend in my diffuser. It’s very unique for aroma blends. Has a beautiful energy.

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